2016 Session Board

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What to Wear / Bring

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The dress code is casual. Whatever you want to wear to be comfortable. A shirt with a logo of your favorite tech tool can be a great conversation starter. If bow ties give you confidence, go for it. There is also a fair amount of walking, so wear comfy shoes!

You will walk away with many ideas, so be prepared to record them either with a device or on paper. Sessions do not have to be about technology, but many times they will be, so bring a device so you can play along with everyone else. Wi-Fi will be available in all rooms. Instead of using projectors to share information with other people (and to resist the urge to present with a PowerPoint or such), there are Google Docs linked on the schedule so everyone can share information/resources that way.


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Nothing! Like all EdCamps, EdCamp DV-IS is free. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are to provide complimentary breakfast for all participants. Details will be shared closer to the event.

Why EdCamp DVIS needs YOU!

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If you’re like most teachers, you’re probably relaxing on the beach, relishing your summer vacation. Who in their right mind would give up a day of summer break to go and attend *gasp* PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT in *gasp again* the middle of August?!

That’s because EdCamp is unlike any other professional development. Instead of being talked at for hours at a time on topics that may or may not interest you, EdCamp has no formal schedule of speakers or topics. In fact, the schedule is created that day, as participants arrive, register and meet new friends over a light breakfast. Anyone can post a topic session, and anyone can lead a session – all you need to do is ask the first question, and the discussion will naturally flow from there!

The overarching theme this year is all about making innovative change happen (think STEAM, MakerSpaces, using online tools for student collaboration, etc). We’ve heard these “buzzwords” over and over again. You may already be using some of these components in your schools, or you may not have bought into these latest trends in education. Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, there is always something new to learn and try. If you’re open to changing things up in the classroom, but are scared because you don’t think you are tech-savvy enough, that’s exactly why you need to come! You get to pick the sessions that interest you the most. EdCamp is the perfect type of professional development for teachers and leaders to share and learn in a safe environment. Everyone is there to learn and help one another. In addition, it’s a fantastic opportunity to grow your professional network .

So what are you waiting for? Grab another teacher friend and register today! It’s sure to be a great day of learning and sharing!

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Save the Date!

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edcamp std 2016

Our 2nd EdCamp for Independent Schools in the Philadelphia area will be held on August 11, 2016 at The Philadelphia School! Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks. We hope you can make it!

Save the Date!

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EdCamp Delaware Valley Independent Schools is coming August 6th! This is the first EdCamp in the greater Philadelphia area geared just for independent schools.  All educators are welcome, though we know that faculty at independent schools face slightly different challenges than our public school counterparts.  What better way then to spend a day with other like-minded educators who share similar experiences? Best of all, it’s FREE thanks to our sponsors!  It’s sure to be a fun-filled day with good discussions and great ideas to get your school year off to a great start (and get Act 48 credits)!