Meet Michael!

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Name: Michael Reichert

Website / Blog:

Twitter: @ReichertMC

How are you involved in education? 

Transitioning out of the classroom after nine years teaching social studies, I begin as the Director of Technology and Instruction at Salesianum School in Wilmington [this coming school year].

Have you ever attended an edcamp before? If so, which one(s)?

EdCampIS 2013 & EdCamp Leadership 2016

What do you hope to get out of edcamp DV-IS?

Networking, building relationships with other area independent schools, hearing a fresh take on how to transition to leadership, and discussing how to better foster the growth of students’ future readiness.

If you were to post a discussion topic for a session at edcamp DV-IS, what would it be?

Flipped learning with iPads; Integrating iPads into the classroom


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